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To Bali, Obama Visit Udayana University

Posted by kluwan pada 8 Maret 2010

Bali, Indonesia : During the visit Bali, Barack Obama will visit the campus of the University of Udayana (UNUD) Jimbaran – Bali. UNUD party claimed the President was ready to accept the arrival of Uncle Sam’s country.

Obama, who reportedly came to Jogja canceled and chose Bali for a vacation plan will also visit the campus UNUD. Rector of Udayana University, Prof.. Dr. Dr. Made Bakta, SpPD explained, the news that obama’s arrival in the protocol obtained from the local government of Bali Province.

“I was waiting to hear, but there is no certainty. Seandainnya so, I had to prepare everything, “he explained as confirmed VIVAnews, Sunday, March 7, 2010.

Mentioned about where Obama will spend time in Bali, Made Bakta does not know where Obama will be a place to stay, because it is a matter for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But claims Bakta Made happy, for him a great honor and rare opportunity to be on the go and meet directly with President of the United States.

“Sorry I can not give answers because they have not developed the show” he said when the question about what he would do and would say to Obama, when meeting with President of the State powers, as one of the characters who represent the community to meet Obama.

Report: Peni Widarti | Bali


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